The Teeter Totter of Life

Jul 10, 2016

Balance is a State of Equilibrium

This month we are talking about balance. Now the we have the big celebrations out of the way with Canada Day on the 1st and Independence Day on the 4th, let’s get to it. 

We’ve heard it before – too much of a good thing is like Eve with the apple – it never ends well.

But why? Why can’t we have copious amount of things like an endless supply of money, or vacations that go on forever, or special occasions that never come to a close? Why can’t we just live in a continuous state of excess?

Because we are human and nothing lasts forever, good or bad. 

Balance is a state of equilibrium that is inherent to the human condition. We come by it naturally and when things are out of whack, we know it.

We feel it with mounting stress and the various conditions that develop as a result. We find ourselves eating more and sleeping less (or vice versa) and moving further away from our authentic selves. 


My mom used to say … all things in moderation. This was a hard concept to grasp growing up when all I wanted was to immerse myself in some form of a good thing like an activity I didn’t want to end or a boy I wanted to date forever or chocolate … actually I still want to immerse myself in chocolate.


Without repercussion.

But seriously, even star athletes or brilliant minds must have some form of balance in their lives. Without it, they cannot perform at optimum levels. 

And so the same applies in life. Balance is the key to living a healthy and meaningful life. 


We all know people who live out of balance. They are so focused on one thing that there is no room for anything else. And honestly, there are times in life when balance is impossible. New parents for example are merely striving to exist never mind strike a balance in life.

During times of transition, we may just be trying to keep our heads above water rather than focusing on living a balanced life. 

Tony Robbins talks about 7 key areas that are essential to achieving balance in life. I’m not sure I agree that mastering each of them is required to achieve balance, especially for the average person.

Perhaps it’s the whole concept if mastering all 7 that throws me off. That’s a tall order, but maybe that’s the point – to always be striving to master something knowing that eventually mastering it may not be as important as the journey along the way. 


Wherever you’re at, be gentle and extend the same kindness to yourself that you show toward others. And knowing that you want balance in your life and you’re aware that you are not in the place you ultimately want to be is a great start. Focus on your end game and take it day by day. 

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. 

Baby steps. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

It’s Good To Talk.