Investing in your mental well-being is just simply good practice. Sometimes seeing a qualified therapist for a brief amount of time is all it takes to realign ourselves and feel on track again. Other times, on-going or regularly scheduled therapy may be required over a longer period. Whatever the case, investing in good mental health can be an excellent part of a whole health regimen.


Our rates are in line with the fee guide schedule provided by the Psychological Association of Alberta (PAA).

View PAA Fee Guide here


Our fees are based on 50 minute sessions and are as follows:

Individual session – $220


Head Coach Psychology does not have an active sliding fee scale in place at this time.



Psychological services are often covered by workplace insurance, private insurance or health spending accounts. A portion of psychological fees may be eligible for reimbursement. It is always best to consult with your provider directly concerning what is and is not covered, specifically regarding coverage for a Registered Psychologist.


 Head Coach Psychology is unable to direct bill psychological services in Alberta. 


Head Coach Psychology operates under a zero balance policy. This means that full payment is made at the time of service with no balance owing.


You can contact Head Coach Psychology directly and make a personal appointment. Just fill out the online form or give us a call and we’d be happy to schedule an appointment with you.


Head Coach Psychology can process Visa or MasterCard, or email transfer payments (due before each session commences). Receipts are provided within 24 hours of each session. A $50 NSF fee will be charged on all returned items.

Please note: all clients are required to have a credit card number on file to secure bookings. Should E-transfer be the preferred method of payment, no charges will be made unless payment is delinquent.


A minimum of 48 hours notice is required if you wish to change or cancel an appointment. Please be advised that this means if your appointment falls on a Monday, notice must be given on THURSDAY if you wish to change or cancel Monday’s appointment. Saturdays and Sundays are non-business days so in this case, real time cancellation notice must be provided a full 72 hours prior to Monday’s session.

To change or cancel an appointment, simply email us at [email protected] or give our office a call.

We value all our clients and work hard to accommodate appointments requests. The 24-hour cancellation policy allows us to make any cancelled appointments available to other clients.

All late cancellations or missed appointments will be subject to the regular session fee.

RCMP/ VAC members – please ask about this policy and what reimbursement might be available for work-related cancellations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Head Coach Psychology
Are your services covered by insurance?

Psychological counselling services in Kelowna, BC and Alberta are usually covered under personal or workplace benefit packages. Please check with your provider for details. 

How will I know if it's the right fit?

Like with any relationship, comfort and compatibility are key. It has been well documented that a strong therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client is an integral part of success in therapy. That being said, some parts of therapy can be difficult. We cannot promise you it will be easy. What we can tell you though, is that it will be worth it.

Usually one or two sessions is enough time to determine if working together will be a good fit. Sometimes a therapist and a client come together and for reasons unknown to either, it just doesn't feel right. Although uncommon, this does happen and professional referrals can be made at that time.

How does the process work?

To begin, we'd book a 50-minute session.  During this meeting, we would go through a general assessment which consists of questions regarding your personal and familial history.  From there, we would discuss your current situation and determine where you are and where you eventually want to be.  Subsequent sessions would involve a discussion around treatment recommendations and forming a plan moving forward. Therapy plays out differently for everyone. Some people find a few sessions every once in a while to be very helpful, while others feel ongoing sessions fit their needs better.  

It's Good To Talk.

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We strive to meet all appointment requests within 5 business days whenever possible.

**All Alberta sessions are offered through secure video conference. British Columbia residents will have the option of either online or in person appointments in Kelowna.**