The Value of a Moment

Sep 7, 2022

This month our challenge to you is to stay in the moment. 

I was recently on vacation with my family and found myself caught up in the plan: where we were going next, what to make/ buy for dinner, who needed what – how they needed it, when they needed it and why I should get it for them.

I often had to slow down and think about how lucky I was to be there. How good it felt to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and to take note of my body’s reaction to the here and now.  

Part of living a full life and showing up on a regular basis is being able to savor the small things: taking a moment to enjoy the sun on your face or finding joy in watching someone you love do something they love. To laugh, and laugh on purpose.

To breathe deeply and feel the release of your breath exiting your body. These things allow us to be present and stay in the moment.


Too often we are in a hurry to figure it all out or get on to the next best thing without realizing that the journey really is the destination.

Your life isn’t tomorrow or next week, and it certainly isn’t found in the past. Your life is now!

Stop. Take a moment now and close your eyes. What do you smell? What do you feel? Can you hear anything? Can you taste the remnants of your last food or drink? What about these things makes you happy? What makes you feel lucky, or grateful, or blessed?  

Open your eyes and look around. What do you see that allows you to feel calm, at peace and/ or content? Take a deep breath and exhale all your breath. Empty your belly of the old and take in the new. Repeat 3x. 

You’ve just stayed in the moment. On purpose!


We are headed into the second week of August. For many, all things school related will start to creep in and take over our thoughts and plans. Try to slow down and enjoy one simple thing each day.

Whisper a word of gratitude into the wind and take note of all the small gifts in your life. My guess is that they’ll add up to be a whole heck of a lot more than you imagine. 

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